What We Do


To promote and maintain prayerful interest in and support for the Province of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan and South Sudan (ECSSS), dioceses in the countries of Sudan and South Sudan.


We reach this objective by:
  1. Supporting the leadership of the Archbishop and his work in peace and reconciliation.
  2. Supporting Bishops in their diocesan ministry (Group pic of Bishops Salisbury one maybe)
  3. Financial gifts to ECSSS
    • regular grants to the Provincial Office
    • and grants to the Bishops of the 24 dioceses of the ECSSS
  4. Regular communication with church leaders in Sudan & South Sudan
  5. Raising interest/advocacy for peace of Sudan & South Sudan in UK
  6. Liaising with our partners about how to support the ECSSS through funding.


  • Meet 4 times a year
  • Committed to South Sudan and Sudan
  • Experience of East Africa

Our income comes from:

  • Gifts
  • Investments
  • Fund raising efforts such as the stamp and postcard team.