April 2014

  1. Those surviving in displaced peoples camps
  2. Specific peace and reconciliation moves in the worst hit areas such as Bor, Malakal, Bintieu and Juba
  3. The the conflict may not spread to other parts of the country.
  4. For the cessation of hostilities to be honoured by all.
  5. For an end to the looting, rape and arbitrary killing being done by opportunists.
  6. Leadership of the Archbishop and bishops, and the ministry of each diocese.
  7. projects developed within the dioceses and to individual churches
  8. Sustaining of The peace deal accord signed 25th Jan 13
  9. For wise and firm army, government, church and community leaders in every area who can bring their people together and keep the peace
  10. For the peace talks to be open, frank, and unselfishly aimed at the best way forward for the nation.
  11. For an understanding to be reached on a positive and practical way forward that will address the root causes and bring peace and stability to this shattered country.
  12. For the role of Church leaders in speaking wisely to their government members.
  13. Give thanks that many areas of South Sudan have stayed peaceful over this last 6 weeks, but are now hosting hundreds of people displaced from the areas where battles raged. Pray that through this interaction sympathy, understanding and help will prevail, and that new inter-ethic understanding and positive links will be formed.
  14. For the Churches and organisations as they work out what they can do to bring healing to this situation in the short, medium and long term, so that a strong new foundation for the nation is built on God’s healing and upright values.
  15. For Pauline Walker as she plans to return soon to Juba for two weeks before she has to come away again for pre-arranged meetings.
  16. For Pauline especially as she works with Church leaders, with FOCUS and with ACROSS.