Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan (ECSSS)
The ECSSS is a province of the Anglican Communion that covers both South Sudan and Sudan headed by the Archbishop Daniel Deng Bol. The area of South Sudan is covered by Archbishop Daniel whereas the Sudan has been designated as an internal province under the leadership of the Archbishop f Sudan centered around Kahrtoum.The overall province consist of 31 dioceses, 5 of which lie in Sudan and the remaining 26 in South Sudan. Each province is headed by its own bishop with some also having assistance bishops.
The provincial governance is undertaken by the provincial synod that meets every 2 years. However, its house of bishops that meet regularly under the Archbishop. Its headquarters are located near Juba cathedral. It is funded by a number of Western supporting agencies, including SCA, together with internal funding from its own resources and each dioceses. At present SCA sends all interest gained from its historic and contemporary financial resources on a quarterly basis to the Juba headquarters.

Key facts of ECSSS

  • Has 5 million members
  • Is growing fast
  • Has 31 dioceses
  • Has been badly affected by the civil war
  • Has faced persecution

What ECSSS does:

  • Proclaims the Gospel of Jesus
  • Peace making
  • Cares for the homeless
  • Provides basic education
  • Cares for the sick