Achievements & Plans

Achievements of 2013 - 2014

This year the SCA Committee has been looking at the future of the Association. With the expectation of an Internal Province being created in Sudan, centred on Khartoum, SCA realised that it would be expected to serve the Church in two different countries with very different needs and expectations.

It was decided to work on a new strategy for the next 15 years expecting SCA might look very different in 2030. A draft was written up which was shared with a number of Sudanese and S Sudanese Bishops visiting the country, but as Archbishop Daniel Deng was not present it was decided that further work and discussion were needed.This is now being processed.

SCA’s Chair, Michael Paget-Wilkes was privileged to attend and address the Salisbury Diocesan Link Anniversary. He spoke of SCA’s history, going back to the 1950’s and then referred to the new strategy that was being prepared.

SCA communicates regularly with James Abedmot, the Chief Financial Officer of ECSSS based in Juba. Accounts for the ECSSS for 2011 were received during the year and 2012 Accounts are expected soon. SCA has every confidence in the financial systems put in place by James which are to be rolled into the dioceses and their financial administrations in the coming year. At this end, Stephen Cutler , our Hon Treasurer, and Phil Musselwhite, our accountant work closely to ensure our finances are in order.

As in previous years our financial support goes, in part, to the bishops in 24 dioceses with the predominant part going to support the Archbishop’s administration of the Province. This will need to be rethought as the new Internal Province in Sudan comes into being.

One particular project is being considered at the moment at the request of the Archbishop. It is aimed at the five Dioceses in the Sudan who are suffering. This is due to many Christians from the South returning to South Sudan. South Sudan became an independent state in July 2011. The project aims to fund pastors from the south of Sudan to remain in Sudan and serve the Churches there. In this initiative SCA is partnered by Lambeth Palace, Salisbury and Bradford Dioceses, CMS and the Coventry Cross of Nails Community.

Once again the value of SCA funds going to the Province cannot be overstated. Without them the Province would find it very difficult to exist. They enable the Archbishop to lead his Bishops and to visit his dioceses, giving both support and leadership. He particularly spearheaded work on peace and reconciliation in a number of areas including the disputed area of Abeyei.

Plans for 2014 - 2015

In 2014/15 we are expecting to firm up a long term strategy in its relationship with ECSSS. We hope to put in place a plan that is divided into three 5 year periods starting in 2015 and ending in 2030. By that time our relationship with ECSSS will take on a more settled nature. The development strategy will relate to the use and deployment of our capital funding as well as annual interest accruing.

We will also consider appropriate ways to distribute our contemporary giving made by:

  • personal contributions
  • parish contributions
  • funds raised from the sale of stamps and postcards

A division will therefore be made between the distribution of historic funds and contemporary annual giving.